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Solo Queue Bot Lane


Solo Queue Bot Lane


You probably know who this is, but how would you react if your voice was in youtube poops or something like that?

That would be funny as ever, I’ve never thought about my own voice being in stuff like that, but with what I’ve seen when it comes to what people can do in terms of sentence mixing, that would be a real treat.

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Order of No Quarter Knight Voices - VillainsVoice

As always, I attempted to give these characters the voices that fit with their appearance and personalities. After a long break with not much to do, I decided to finally give these guys a shot. After all, the game is remarkable, and giving it more life is something that is always appreciated.

Treasure Knight: Hoh Hoh! Now.. this! This is.. Rich!

King Knight: Who let this peasant in here to spoil our sumptuous supper?

Specter Knight: Hardly a surprise that you’ve yet again set foot where you don’t belong…

Plague Knight: We should.. Hee hee hee! …Punish you!

Mole Knight: You’re in deep now! We want a rematch!

Tinker Knight: My new plans have no flaws! You can’t win this time!

Propeller Knight: A battle royale, then? Marvelous! Who will go first?

Polar Knight: Hmph. Pass the salt.

one clip so that it would be easier to reblog

That’s true, I just wasn’t sure if people would want to reblog their favorites and whatnot. But I also don’t want peoples dashboard to be filled with 8 different audios, ahaha.


Voice Acting the Knights of No Quarter, would you guys like all of the voices to be in one audio or multiple audios of each knight?


2014 vs 2013

One year of improvement!!

i think my style just changed hahahhhah

Hey everyone!

Sorry for my disappearance. I’m really not even supposed to be back yet, but I wanted to fill you all in really quick about my absence.

First off I’m just fine, so don’t worry about me! Also, in my absence, I’ve played Shovel Knight and plan to record my voice acting for all of the knights of the No Quarter upon my return.

I’ve already finished their voices as well, I would just need to record. These voices include:

King Knight

Specter Knight

Plague Knight

Treasure Knight

Mole Knight

Polar Knight

Tinker Knight

Propeller Knight

That’s it! Expect that when I come back, and just remember that I am doing fine! No strange things have occurred to me, haha.

I think the Dark World from a Link to the Past is one of the most beautiful landscapes in video game history. If I could create my own world and live in it, that is what it would look like.